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Terry in Gallery

Terry Ostovar
Under the guidance of my mother, a potter, painter and naturalist, I had been sculpting animals in clay as a child, along with my sisters, for as long as I can remember. After graduating from high school, I studied at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria.  Most of my abilities and techniques have been self-taught, and have evolved over years of production and creation, often collaborating with my husband, Esi.

Our studio in the woods, near the Blue Ridge Parkway, is a part of our home of nearly 20 years, just as art is a part of our lives.  I am a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild, and one of my sculptures is in Lark Books ‘500’ Series: 500 Animals in Clay


Esi Ostovar
I studied Fine Art at Tehran University, and at Lancaster and Cyprus Colleges in California.  When our children were born, I began working with Terry, so we could be at home with our children.  I greatly enjoy the medium of clay, working with my hands to create one-of-a kind, three-dimensional forms.  I especially like experimenting with textures and surface treatments.

Our unique sculptures have brightened the homes and lives of many enthusiastic fans and customers for over 36 years.


Terry's Touch Ceramics